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Get seen by the right people

It's pretty simple when you break it down. Who are you selling to and What are you selling? Then, create beautiful content (words, images and ideally video) that speaks to those people. Strategy first, then execute.

Be consistent on a daily basis online so that you are first in mind when your ideal client is ready to buy.


Create Content in the form of a piece of writing & images, audio, video/vlog. Think of this as the pillar content. It's what goes up on your website's blog. All you do is pop this into DropBox and we blog it for you and then spread the content out across social media channels.


Once your 4 pieces of Pillar Content are placed into drop box along with images for Instagram. We go ahead and do the WordPress Blogging, SEO, Copy Editing, Instagram grid layout, Facebook Mood Board creation and you approve your 4-Weeks of blogging and social media content before anything goes live.


You can sit back, relax and know that your social media has been taken care of a month in advance. Four weeks of your images and voice are now scheduled and going out no matter what. Your online marketing is happening even when you're on holiday, spending time with family or working with clients.



We believe in keeping it simple and using a proven strategy. That's why we have one package that works. You create content in your voice (writing, images, video) as that can only be YOU. We do the rest.

Blogging & Social Media
(Please enquire for custom pricing depending on your needs)

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
One off Fee of $1000


I offer private consulting/coaching. You can learn more about that here:


Probably the best business decision I made this year was to hire Chanelle and her team to support me with my social media, helping me monthly in a very focused targeted way with my blog scheduling and presentation and my social media strategy and campaigns.

There's no way I would have achieved half of what I have managed without their dedication (and OK their badgering me to hit deadlines which let’s face it can slip when client work gets incredibly busy). Chanelle is an all around tech guru. She helped me with endless other “how to” things in regards to keeping The Bespoke Wedding Co. up and ahead of the times through our Skype Consultations. 

Kelly Chandler


As my new coaching business grew, and I chose to continue running my existing photography business, it was essential that I outsource some of the tasks. 

It way surpassed my expectations!! Chanelle combines a fantastic eye for design, layout, and composition, with a dedicated work ethic, great communication and an informed knowledge about how to use social media. She has created an integrated strategy for my photography business, freed me up from doing something that took me far too long and which I too often didn’t get time to do, and is an essential part of my success team!

Polly Alexandre

Chanelle's help with my Instagram Account has been AMAZING!! I so appreciate how much she understands and conveys my brand. It makes my ability to focus on other areas of my business so simple and easy. I know I can put my presence in her hands and she always exceeds my hopes and desires!! Chanelle and Team, your help is so appreciated!! XO
From 800 to 2400 Followers in 2 months on Instagram! 

Rebecca Matias

Claire Morgan Photographer

I have known Chanelle years and enjoyed following her work and blog. I was always impressed with her business and social media skills, so when she launched her new business, I jumped at the chance to work with her and booked her SEO Package, PR submissions and Social Media Done For You. Chanelle was very fast and thorough in her communication and knew immediately what needed working on and provided detailed feedback promptly. She also provided suggestions and tips on improving my website and blog in style and functionality and implemented those changes for me. Highly recommended!

More recently I booked Chanelle for a One Day Coaching intensive when I flew to Cape Town and launched a new business 2-weeks later!

Claire Morgan


It's been a great weight off my shoulders to have enlisted SB Services to keep up with my wedding and family photography blogging content. I was falling behind and know how important it is to keep up. They do a fantastic job, know just how I like my blogs to look, have a great eye for putting images together. Their copywriting skills are excellent. They've been a pleasure to work with!

Eddie Judd

UKAWP Bernadette Chapman

Having someone on hand to market my business when I don’t have the time is not only essential, it makes perfect business sense.

Chanelle and her team took care of Dream Occasions, my wedding planning business, for a year and have more recently taken on the social media management for The UKAWP (UK Alliance of Wedding Planners) 

Bernadette Chapman

Yael Rose Chocolate Festival

Our social media marketing for The Chocolate Festival in London, Dec 2015, was taken care of by Segerius Bruce Services. With the largest Chocolate Festival Britain has ever seen, held at The Business Design Centre in London it was fabulous to have the online marketing side looked after so we could concentrate on making the exhibition come to life!

The Chocolate Festival


It’s a real help to have somebody I can trust to keep our online presence flourishing for Boggio Studios. 

Julia Boggio

It Takes A Team




Client liaison, production management and deadline chaser. Copywriting Pro and Type A personality. Double checks everything! Keeps the team in check.



Business coach, social media strategist, professional photographer for 9 years, designer, copywriting for the online space and people motivator. 16-Years experience in branding and marketing.



Social media scheduling, cropping images, designing Instagram grid layouts, conjuring up beautiful Facebook mood boards, resizing, cropping and... SEO aficionado.

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Why I Do What I Do For You


"I’ve designed a life where I only have to work from 8am - 2pm daily.

My why?

I do this because of my little girl. She's such a blessing and makes me laugh out loud on a daily basis. I grew up with a Mom who would pick me up from school every afternoon when I was younger and we would do things like go horse riding or visit friends together. The main reason for having a child for me was to have that same relationship that I'd forged with my own parents.

I longed for that.

My father passed away suddenly at the age of 54 and this was so difficult for me and really engrained in me the fact that life can be short and that we should make the most of the time that we have with our loved ones NOW. It's one of the main reasons that we recently moved back to our original home of South Africa, after spending 12 years in the UK and 2.5 years on a paradise island in The Caribbean.

One of the greatest gifts I have given myself is the permission to get support in my business and in my life. I now outsource the things that take me too long or the things that I really don't enjoy doing.

It feels so good to let go of those things. Often times it's the process of letting go that's harder than the act itself!

This's why I designed a business that would help other business owners in the same position as me. Those looking for more time. Those not wanting to be bogged down doing a task that doesn't light them up. Something that I have a passion for and know a lot about!

With that, Segerius Bruce Services was born offering One to One Skype Consultations and done for you Monthly Blogging & Social Media Marketing" - Chanelle Segerius-Bruce, CEO


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