Thoughts become actions and actions become things.

Have you stopped and listened to yourself lately? What is it that you say over and over? Are they generally positive or negative?

I am not saying we all need to run around with fake smiles and live in la la land... BUT...are you constantly complaining about how expensive everything is? Or how there is nothing but lack and struggle?

Do you sound something like...

• The economy is so bad it is really effecting everyone

• Nobody in my area will ever pay those sorts of rates

• Things are different where I live

• Everyone is feeling it

• There is not enough to go around


If you hear these sorts of thoughts, stop them in their tracks and change your patterns to...

• There is more than enough for everyone

• There is a world full of people and 2.8 billion of them use the internet

• I only need 20 (insert appropriate number) great clients who love what I do

• Some of the richest people in the world make the most money in a downturned economy

• I booked more than 30 (insert appropriate number) amazing clients last year

• Money is energy and there is not a finite amount of it


Focus on things that went well last year rather than on the few that where not so great.

Have an attitude of gratitude and allow the good energy to flow.

When you hear people spiralling into gossip and negativity, ask yourself if this is really the frequency you want to be surrounded by?


“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”
― Jim Rohn


"But this is the reality for me!" I hear you shouting at the screen... Yes it is! Because you keep telling yourself that it is. Thoughts become actions and actions become things.

Break the cycle now.

Once you believe that there is more than enough out there for you, you can take positive action steps to bring the business in!



I leave you with a beautiful image of the ocean taken while I was on a private island,
Parrot Cay in The Turks & Caicos - British West Indies