Instagram, as of January 2015, is officially the fastest growing Social Media platform. It echoes the days of when Facebook really started taking off and EVERYBODY was joining left right and centre. Facebook, which as over 1 Billion users worldwide, is now platueing somewhat in terms of new sign ups - however it is still the biggest platform online.

Why Instagram?
• Instagram is a beautifully designed, easy to use platform
• Instagram allows clutter free, ad free browsing
• Photographers, designers, makers, creators... all use it as a daily creative outlet
• Young athletes such as surfers, snowboarders and skaters are leveraging Instagram to grow huge followings (some over a million!)
It's easy - Instagram is primarily an iPhone / Android app operated from your phone


"The best camera, is the camera you always have with you"

You may be thinking that this sounds all good and well for individuals, but I am going to introduce you to some brands who are knocking it out the park right now on Instagram:


Woolworths SA - yip, good ol' Woolies has an amazing presence on Instagram with 63K followers! They have a great use of hashtags #wwflavouryourcity




PORTER Magazine: by online powerhouse NET-A-PORTER. I love their mix of Behind The Scenes, Still Life Stock Shots, Fashion Photography and Quotes. Effective use of Logo-On-Image (without being obtrusive).

Porter Magazine on Instagram



Tommy Bahama: I first came across their great sense of lifestyle branding on Pinterest and now I see they are doing just as good a job over on my new favourite platform. I just love their tagline "Make Life One Long Weekend!" and when you look at the images, that is exactly the feeling they provoke.

Tommy Bahama on Instagram



Wedding Sparrow: This wedding blog specialises in only featuring images shot on film (and most of you will know how much I love my Contax 645!) - I love the use of thick white borders around every image, it makes their profile stand out and look different.

Wedding Sparrow on Instagram



Yoga Girl - This is one of those "OMG, she has over 1 Million Followers!! What, What?". Who can take inspiration from this account? Health coaches, Life coaches, Yoga instructors, Transformational Coaches - go. study. this. incredible. account.

Yoga Girl On Instagram


Holistic Fashionista: I love the mix of food images with recipes, branded inspirational quotes and magazine worthy still life's.

Holistic Fashionista on Instagram


After living in the UK for 12 years and then spending 2.5 years in The Turks & Caicos Islands, a playground for the super rich and famous, I can tell you with complete authority that South Africa is literally on the verge of a Social Media Revolution!

I moved back "home" in February of this year and I can can see that South Africa is approximately one year behind the UK and the USA in terms of Social Media usage. I can assure you it is only going to be increasing!

Whether or not you are based in South Africa, I hope that the Instagram accounts featured here will inspire you to either sign up for Instagram or to improve your current account to build your brand exponentially the world over.