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What you MUST know about Social Media

We’re living in one of the most progressive and exciting digital times.”Yes, I know”, I hear you say… BUT, are you taking advantage of the day and age we live in? It’s not about the latest iPhone, Apple prototype or newfangled Tablet. This is something different… a movement, a migration an evolution. Is social media a…

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Do you wish you had more time?

Blogging & Social Media Marketing for the wedding photographers and wedding planners

Picture this… you get your little one ready for school, Dad drops them off, you start your day by journaling and enjoying your fresh juice or coffee (whatever tickles your fancy), you have everything planned out in your Google Calendar with automatic reminders of when you need to move onto the next task. You don’t get…

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How much money do you need?

I found this episode very profound in the series, Breaking Bad. This particular still has always stuck in my mind and it begs the question… How much money do you really need? Most of us have something engrained in us that tells us we need more money. This is relative though, as the more money…

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Thoughts become actions

Thoughts become actions and actions become things. Have you stopped and listened to yourself lately? What is it that you say over and over? Are they generally positive or negative? I am not saying we all need to run around with fake smiles and live in la la land… BUT…are you constantly complaining about how…

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