Are you wondering how to promote your restaurant through social media platforms?  If your restaurant does not have a regular online presence then you are missing an important marketing platform.  Most people today have a smartphone and use it to search for places to eat, looking for types of food, specific locations, for family friendly options, for specials, for good reviews.  Make sure your restaurant is well represented on social media platforms so that you feature in online searches. If you are not online you are missing out on potential customers.

How can blogging work for a restaurant?  Blogging is the opportunity to tell a story about the things that are important to you and your business, to make it personal and engage with your clients.  Make a list of blog topics relevant to your restaurant - you only need 1 blog a week to create a regular blogging presence.  Some ideas might be: What inspired the restaurant, Staff profiles, Foodie tips and recipes, Events at the restaurant, Monthly cuisine themes.  Posting a blog every week at the same time creates a regular online presence which is noticed by Google and helps your rankings in the searches.

Use your Facebook page to connect with your customers, announce specials, encourage checkins, run competitions, link to your blogs and showcase meal options.  Run a weekly offer requiring a pass phrase that can only be found in a Facebook or Blog post every week at a specific time – this encourages people to return and engage regularly with your social media.

Pictures are your biggest marketing tool, they are the most shared form of social media.  Get some professional pictures done of your restaurant, food and staff and use Instagram to its full potential.  Make sure to use hashtags in every post to make it searchable, tagging your location #durban #ballito, the type of meal #seafood #sushi, the special offer #2for1 #buy1get1free.  Check whats trending – if its National Braai Day and you are doing a braai day special – be sure to include the #braaiday #nationalbraaiday

The beauty of twitter is that your tweets can contain clickable links to drive clients to your website, blog or facebook page and encourage them to engage even further with you.  Pictures  and hashtags can also be included to encourage sharing and make posts searchable.  Link your twitter posts to weekly blogs and specials and include pictures of patrons having a good time – everyone loves a pic of themself to retweet!

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Professional restaurant photography durban
Case Study, Client: Laurent-Perrier Champagne and Peggy Porschen teamed up to do cross promotion for guests to enjoy at the Boutique Cake Parlour and Tea Shop in an affluent part of London.

Images created for PR use across multiple Social Media platforms by Segerius Bruce Photography.

It is so important to have professionally shot, beautiful, eye-catching images for your social media marketing.Product and Food Photographer Durban
Beautiful images like these are more likely to get shared online and pinned to Pinterest boards.

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