The answer here is a definitive yes! Social media is today’s equivalent of “word of mouth” – if your hotel is not being shared, liked, followed or retweeted, you are missing out on potential guests.

In The Caribbean, where I lived for 2.5 years the resorts had FREE WiFi throughout as well as extending down to the beach! Rather than making a quick buck off charging for internet connection I firmly believe that all hotels worldwide should follow this trend and make it as easy as possible for their guests to share images across their own social media AKA free marketing!

Social media is about connecting with guests and interacting with them. It’s public relations online and your opportunity to showcase your hotel.  Potential guests want to see what they are getting, what the rooms look like, what the restaurant serves, what the pool area looks like.  People are sold on pictures and social media is the perfect platform to remind guests of what they experienced, to keep them coming back, and to convince potential guests to book that stay.

Hotel & Tourism Commercial Photographer now based in Durban, South Africa - Segerius Bruce PhotographyThe Gansevoort in Turks & Caicos - Segerius Bruce Photography 

What platforms should Luxury hotels be using?

Your Facebook page should be all about promoting the hotel,  creating expectation and sharing the experience.  It about bringing a dream to a world of followers who may be inspired to make your hotel their destination. Facebook pages have many options, from check-ins to competitions which can be effectively used to market your hotel.

The power of Twitter is in the hashtags and your luxury hotel should be on the #luxuryhotels which features luxury hotels around the world – if your hotel is not tweeting on this tag you are not being searched.  Retweets by guests are your “word of mouth” in todays world – capitalize on what amouts to free advertising through this platform.

commercial-tourism-photographer-durbanThe Gansevoort in Turks & Caicos - Segerius Bruce Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words and when its shared by a 1000 people – well, you do the maths.  Instagram is all about pictures and hashtags – location specific #Durban #GoldenMile, event specific #Comrades  #Rugby, holiday specific #Easterholidays #Xmasholidays

Here are some examples of how I promoted some Luxury Hotels on my own Instagram account. The first is a hotel in Santorini...

Social Media influencer for Travel Industry - Segerius Bruce Services

...and the second is a hotel in the Turks & Caicos Islands:Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 2.28.31 PM

People today are relying more than ever on social media for recommendations and reviews. If your luxury hotel is not on any of these 3 social media platforms then a whole crowd of potential guests are passing you by.

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