Load shedding has become a way of life in South Africa, a necessary evil and yet, with an ironically bright side.  It is bringing families back to the basics of spending time together and interacting, candlelit dinners, board games, books and long walks.  The forced downtime from technology is a blessing in disguise for most parents who battle to get their children outdoors and active.

Our load shedding time slot is currently in the evening from 6 – 8 pm and with a little bit of planning ahead for dinner, we spend each evening we are affected with a glass of wine under the starlit sky eating dinner by candlelight and chatting about our day.  No TV makes for a completely different evening routine and one that I am loving!  My little one chooses story books over TV programs and reading out loud to her is a highlight of my day.

Of course, load shedding is not always so convenient, sometimes striking in the middle of your work day, and this can be catastrophic for a small business that relies on computers and internet connections which all need power!

Be prepared with a couple of small business hacks:

  • Make sure your laptop has a good battery and is fully charged
  • Have a back up 3G modem to access the internet
  • Use your phone’s data to get email and stay in contact.
  • Structure your day around the load shedding
  • Make sure you have downloaded everything you can work on offline for those 2 hours.

If power is absolutely critical to your business you will need to consider an inverter or a generator to keep you up and running.

Don’t let load shedding get you down – plan your time and enjoy the “bright” side.