I have recently started writing a lot more for my blog. What has really helped the words to flow is putting pen to paper and physically writing down the worlds. I always used to type straight into my WordPress blog and making this change, going back to basics has been so powerful in allowing the ideas to really flow.

I recommend having a specific notebook that is purely set aside for blog post writing. That way they don't get lost or forgotten about in your journal.

Writing into a notebook means that you can get yourself into the correct headspace for writing and it doesn't come with the distraction of email or other things that crop up when you sit down at your computer.

I would also recommend having a smaller notebook that can easily slip into your handbag (or man-bag) so that it is so that it is always with you. This one is just for writing topics and ideas down to expand upon later.

Write about what you are passionate about. Things that will inspire others. Helpful topics that will be shared on social media. A good example of this is a post we wrote recently over on Segerius Bruce Photography blog on "Top 10 Things to do with Kids in Ballito". The timing of this post was key as the Easter school holidays where just around the corner and the post was shared over 50 times on Facebook alone and blog traffic that day quadrupled!

I know that for photographers it can be difficult to come up with unique content as every wedding or portrait session starts to feel similar after a while. I recommend spending a bit of time putting together a short questionnaire to send out to your couples right after the wedding or portrait session. Find out how they met, what was most special to them or what really stood out on the day and anything they would do differently.

For portrait shoots ask about the kids, what their experience of the shoot felt like and why they chose the location they did.

I am personally finding inspiration for writing in topics surrounding business, life, money mindset, abundance and that sort of genre as that is what really speaks to me and is want I am called to talk and write about at the moment.

Over coming bloggers writers block


I hope you enjoyed my post on Overcoming Writer's Block for Bloggers.

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