Today on the blog I am going to be addressing a few questions that come up from time to time regarding my Monthly Blogging & Social Media service.

Q. I never get around to blogging, how will your monthly service help me to blog more regularly and why is it so important?
A. Firstly blogging regularly,  at the same time every week is really important because Google will start to see a pattern and will come back to crawl your site for new content each week at that particular time. This means you will have more chance of showing up on Google’s search results.

To answer the second question, there is something really powerful about having deadlines! I am here to hold you accountable, to remind you of when your content is due and to make sure that no matter what - those blog posts are going up! Each blog post is supported by a week of social media and so you are fully covered across the board even if you are immersed in work, away on holiday or at home looking after a sick baby.

Q. Do you do all of the writing for me? How does that work?
A. This is personal to each client. Some of my clients love to write, so they provide me with a word document via drop box (along with the images) for each post. I then edit the writing if it needs it. Writing is inserted into WordPress and formatted there. All vendor credits are added with links and everything is laid out nicely

Q. How do i know if this will work for my type of business?
A. This service is not only for photographers and wedding industry. We are very excited to be expanding to Hotels, Restaurants, Cake Makers and various Transformational & Health Coaches. The world is online, your customers are online and even if you are not on all of the social media platforms on a personal capacity your business should be! This is where I can coach you in terms of which are the most important platforms to have a presence on and how you can create content for your social media. Images, videos, inspirational quotes, behind the scenes iPhone pictures and more...

Q. What about the images? Do I need to put them together for the blog post or is that part of your service?
A. Yes, I put all of the layouts together for you. You provide me with the images via Drop Box at no larger than 1000 pixels wide. I then take those and create beautiful layouts and upload all of the images to WordPress. I do SEO work on the images so that they will start to come in in Google Image search.

"As an established photographer, with very high aesthetic standards, and meticulous attention to detail, I was wary about handing over my blogging to someone else, and quite honestly didn’t expect it to work, but knew I had to give it a go.

Instead it way surpassed my expectations!! Chanelle combines a fantastic eye for design, layout and composition, with a dedicated work ethic, great communication and a informed knowledge about how to use social media. She has created an integrated strategy for my photography business, freed me up from doing something that took me far too long and which I too often didn’t get time to do, and is now an essential part of my success team!

- Polly Alexandre, Fine Photography & Business Coach

Q. I struggle to know what to blog about, can you assist me with that?
A. We can have a brainstorming session in our first Skype call and then going forwards I can support you via email by sending you blog prompts, ideas on what you could blog about. I work with a lot of wedding photographers and so in addition to the usual weddings and engagement shoots I would like to share with you a few Informational posts that I wrote.

Client Case Study: Marianne Taylor

Blog Topic: Introducing Still Life Branding Photography
(Promoting Marianne's new offering to businesses who require branded, still life images to use on their websites and across social media)
Photo Credit: Marianne Taylor

Blog Topic: The Magic Of Cornwall: Family Fun In The Sun
(Promoting Family Portrait Shoots in Cornwall where she has recently moved to)

Blog Topic: The Magic Of Cornwall: Cliff-Top Weddings By The Sea
(Promoting Wedding Photography in Cornwall, where she has recently moved to)
Photo Credit: Marianne Taylor

Client Case Study: Stella & Moscha - Greek Island Wedding Planners

Blog Topic: How A Wedding Comes To Life (A behind the scenes look)

Blog Topic: Stella & Moscha’s favourite restaurants (This works well because they are based in Santorini, all of their clients are coming on holiday and are new to the island. These sorts of posts provide great information for your current clients as well as people who are doing general searches around things to do in Santorini)Anthos-Kirini01

Blog Topic: Mykonos travel tips for your Wedding Guests (What to do on the island)Aghios-Sostis-beach-via-Pinterest

I hope that this post shed some light on the subject of how exactly it works when you outsource your blogging and social media. If you have found this post useful please share it on social media by clicking on the social media share buttons below.