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"I am so excited to share with you the launch of my brand new business: Segerius Bruce Services. I am bringing my 10 years of Blogging, SEO and Social Media Marketing to other creative business owners. I created a successful photography business in London, UK with no advertising budget, built purely on organic Google searches, a strong Social Media presence as well as being published 74 times with 250 pages of tear sheets" - Chanelle Segerius-Bruce

  • Do you know you should be on social media but not sure which platforms?
  • Do you you wish you had more free time?
  • Is your Social Media Presence sporadic?
  • Do you wish you had an online strategy for your brand?
  • Are you ready to outsource the things you don't enjoy?
  • Would you love having a consistent presence online?
  • Are you ready to up-level your business?

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I have a limit of only 5 more slots to full on the monthly services plan! To gain a full understanding of how your social media and / or blogging can be improved book a 15 min Skype complimentary call where we can discuss your specific needs. For further information email me on

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Bronze Package - 2 Platforms $350 (R4500) per Month

  • Two platforms of social media management
  • Instagram, Twitter OR Facbook
  • 1 post per day on each of the two platforms

Silver Package - 3 Platforms $500 (R6400) per Month

  • Three platforms of social media management
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Gold Package - Social Media & Blogging $750 (R9500) per Month

  • 4 Blog posts per month (2 longer, 2 shorter)
  • Writing / editing of copy
  • Image layouts
  • Full SEO (search engine optimization)
  • 30 Instagrams per month
  • 2 Facebook posts per week
  • Creation of mood boards for Facebook
  • 30 Tweets per month
  • Being held accountable with deadlines for content
  • Ideas on what to blog about

Additional Services to Add On

  • Pinterest - pinning once a week - $300 (R3800) per month
  • Replying, Retweeting and commenting - $300 (R3800) per month

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.How do I get my content to you?

    A.Via dropbox. I will create a simple, easy to follow folder structure for you to provide me with images for your blog as well as Instagram and a Word document containing copy.

  • Q.How long does the process take?

    A.Once I have your content I will do your work split over two separate days. The first day will be creating 4 blog posts and the mood boards for Facebook. The second day will be for social media scheduling.

  • Q.Do I get to approve the posts before they go live?

    A.Yes absolutely! I will send you an email once the four blog posts have been created. At that time you can go into the back end of your Wordpress blog and view what I have done. If you have any amendments I will do those for you before I start scheduling posts.

  • Q.For Instagram can I choose to have images cropped square?

    A.Yes you can. Just let me know what you prefer. As a default I will leave images full frame (so they will look landscape and portrait) BUT if you prefer them cropped, let me know and I will do that. Some people, especially photographers, prefer to have their full framed images featured.

  • Q.How will hashtags work on Twitter and Instagram?

    A.Before we start working we can have a Skype consultation or discuss over email which keywords and hashtags suite your business best. I will make a note of specific hashtags that will be used every time and I will also add in a few extra ones pertaining to the specific image or post that we are promoting.

  • Q.What is the point of Social Media?

    A.The whole point is to drive traffic to your blog. We want to get as much organic traffic over to your new blog posts as possible. By promoting the blog posts over the course of the week that they go live we can maximise the amount of viewers it will get.

  • Q.What about Pinterest?

    A.I do offer this as an additional service if you would like me to manage your Pinterest Page for you. Pinterest is now being used as a search engine by many women (and men) the world over.

  • Q.I don't have time to narrow down my images for the blog...

    A.Not to worry, I can do this for you as an add on to my service. If you would like to send me up to 450 images from a wedding for example I can do the image selections for the blog layouts. The additional fee is $150 for the 4 blog posts per month.

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A 15 min complimentary call via Skype to discuss your Blogging, SEO and Social Media needs and what will work best for you. For further information email me on

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