Mistakes happen – Even at The Oscars!

Did you see all that Oscar hullabaloo?

Man-oh-man, that really happened!  What an absolutely cracking bit of reality on TV. So wonderfully painful and fantastically agonising to watch. And of course, don’t forget the glorious gossip that’ll linger around for days like a badly ventilated smoking room.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Then you must be living in La La Land.

Long story short, Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty announced the wrong Best Picture Winner at the 2017 Oscar Awards. Drum roll please… and cue monumental FAIL. What a shame because the mix-up happened when the hosts were handed the incorrect envelope for the category they were presenting.  Real world, real life, real people.

Under the spotlight means nowhere to hide.

Let’s move away from the tittle-tattle of the noxious smoking room and get real. Yes, it’s a rough situation for those involved, but it’s no Titanic. And before long, all the fuss and commotion will be Gone With The Wind (last one, I promise).  I love that we witnessed such a public faux pas. It’s easy to forget that in our world of ‘perfect’ Social Media and edited videos that mistakes are real and do happen; even at Oscar level.

Keeping it real.

Scrutiny. It’s the reality that faces every entrepreneur and business owner who puts themselves out there.  You open yourself up to critical observation, whether it’s in your personal capacity or about the service your offer. Controversially, I believe that scrutiny’s beneficial. Because good or bad, you can use the feedback to learn and grow.

Troubleshoot – don’t shoot the messenger.

Life’s not perfect. And sh!t can definitely hit the fan – which is probably set to turbo spin. So what to do?  Rule number one; don’t run for cover.  If you disappear without a trace (witness protection on a sun lounger in the Bahamas) then there’s no doubt there’ll be scandalous buzz back in the smoggy smoking room with your name limply hanging on curls of smoke like a bad smell (shudder). Shoulders back, chin up and meet ‘em head on. Be open, be reasonable and be helpful. Manage the situation, explain your position and do what you can to turn the problem around. Golden rule – treat someone how you’d want to be treated.

Big-up to bloopers and navigating blunders.

Here are 3 top tips for navigating your life through the digital age. Don’t live in fear, don’t hang out in hazy smoking rooms and don’t let the worry of making a mistake stop you from putting your message out to the world.  The important thing is being able to pick yourself up and deal with life’s unforeseen bloopers with your unique flavour of grace and good old-fashioned, hoist your trousers up / stick your chest out, dignity. Real world, real life, real people.

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