I found this episode very profound in the series, Breaking Bad. This particular still has always stuck in my mind and it begs the question...

How much money do you really need?

Most of us have something engrained in us that tells us we need more money. This is relative though, as the more money you have, the more money you spend. A lot of money to one person may be a drop in the ocean to another. As you become more wealthy you up-level your life, you upgrade to business class, you buy a bigger house and you spend more money on designer clothing.

I think what is really important is to have goals and to give the money a purpose.

As your business expands and as you start to have consistently better months it becomes more important than ever to have clear, concise goals to work towards and to ultimately spend the hard earned cash on.

For me I have one big goal and that is to live in a paid for house.

Imagine having a short term mortgage of 10 years, 5 years or even just 3 years?

Imagine how great it would feel to have no debt including your home? Without those payments you really are freed up to choose those overseas trips and to fly comfortably in business class (or whatever floats our boat!)

Big goals are easy for me to see clearly. It's the smaller goals that I struggle with. My task over the next two weeks is to journal about what would really light me up. You can try this too, just have fun with it and allow yourself to dream a little...

• Where would I like to go on holiday within the next three months?

• What is it that I want to do with my spare time?

• How do I create spare time?

• What can I outsource and get support with?

• What things do I desire to treat myself with? Spa, massage, facial...

• Do I need any new clothes for a personal branding photo shoot?

• Should I get my hair done?

These are all (fun!) things that money can buy us in order for us to build our dream lives
one step at a time! Remember, give your money a purpose.