Picture this… you get your little one ready for school, Dad drops them off, you start your day by journaling and enjoying your fresh juice or coffee (whatever tickles your fancy), you have everything planned out in your Google Calendar with automatic reminders of when you need to move onto the next task. You don’t get distracted by social media because all of your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook posts have already been taken care of for the entire month. Your blog posts are going up regularly. You now have the ability to finish all of your work by 2pm, pick up your kids and spend the afternoons with them.

I designed a life where I can work from 8am to 2pm daily and spend every afternoon with my little girl, who has just turned 2.

Remember that, in the words of Gina Devee: “We can have it all, but we can’t do it all”

If, like me, you are a busy mom running your own business –  AND trying to be good at everything, then you too may have moments of overwhelm and the feeling of never having enough time in the day to complete all of the tasks on your to do list!

When I felt this way, I knew something had to change.

I began to outsource the things that no longer lit me up. I wrote out a list of the things I really hated doing. One by one I gave myself permission to let go of certain tasks and to up-level my business by handing things over.

Does this resonate with you? If so, book in a complimentary Skype Call with me and we can look at how your blogging & social media can be taken care of on a monthly basis.

Blogging and Social Media for Wedding Planners and Wedding Photographers