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  • How to TARGET YOUR IDEAL AUDIENCE on Instagram & get enquiries from them
  • 15-MIN PER DAY STRATEGY that will get you lots of REAL TARGETED FOLLOWERS
  • SCHEDULE YOUR POSTS from the computer so you’re not tied to your phone
  • My TOP IMAGE EDITING APPS for your smart phone
  • Practical & straight to the point online training modules that will teach you how to USE INSTAGRAM TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS
Steve Hoffman

After implementing Chanelle's advice, I've grown my feature account @horseswholove from 0 to 12.1K followers in 6 months! It's a great example of putting time in = getting good followers and exposure. With Instagram, you have to know WHAT TO SPEND YOUR TIME ON!  I’ve had several of the images Re-Grammed by large equestrian accounts due to using proper hashtags and that's a good feeling!

Steve Hoffman, @horseswholove

This course is for you if you're:

  • Wondering if you really need another social media platform?

    Instagram’s officially the fastest growing social media platform on the planet! The majority age range is 18 to 30 years old and more and more business owners are flocking to Instagram. There are now 400 Million users and 70% of them are outside of the USA.

  • Deciding whether to open a business account, a personal account or both?

    I’ll walk you through the benefits of a personal account vs a business account and dive deep into which option’s right for you. I also look at what a Niche Account is on Instagram and whether or not this’s the best way forward for you.

  • Looking to launch a new business or blog?

    If you’re in the travel industry, health & fitness, food, photography, fashion, wedding industry or anything visual then Instagram’s the perfect platform for you! Even if you don’t have a blog or website yet you can start growing a following on Instagram and get ready for your launch.

  • Sporadic with your posting and have a mish-mash of images on your account?

    I’ll show you step by step with screen recordings exactly how to schedule your Instagram posts. How to have a beautiful account by carefully curating your content which will attract your ideal customers.

  • Already on Instagram but not seeing a growth in followers?

    Use proven techniques to gain targeted, real followers – I’ll walk you through the step by step process using screen recordings of my iPhone so you can see exactly what to do.

Lorinda & Elisabeth

Chanelle`s Instagram course helped me to organize, automatize and strategize our Instagram account. Chanelle's not just a Social Media, SEO and Blogging expert, but also has profound knowledge about luxury businesses and their target groups, which is vital to us. Chanelle`s Instagram course is thorough and professionally structured. If you want to take your business to the next level by leveraging Instagram, Chanelle's course is the best option!

Lorinda & Elisabeth, @averybelovedwedding

Insider Industry Secrets from a CEO & Business Coach

Chanelle is Founder & CEO of Segerius Bruce Services, coaching entrepreneurs around the world on the topics of social media marketing, strategy and online branding. Her company also offers a range of done for you services.

Her list of clients includes Beach Enclave (a luxury villa developer in The Caribbean), High-End Wedding Industry Professionals, The Chocolate Festival in London, Photography Studios and Coaches. Chanelle’s clients are worldwide in countries including The UK, America, The Caribbean and South Africa.

Chanelle has a background in high-end retouching and photography working for the likes of Mario Testino in London. Being emerged in the fashion industry as well as working for Top 10 Ad agencies around London’s given her years of insight into luxury branding.

Her photography work was published internationally 74 times with over 250 pages of tear sheets. She flew around the world while running her photography business for eight years, to cover high-end wedding events in Bali, Mauritius, Morocco and all over Europe.

"I've designed a life & business where I can WORK FROM ANYWHERE and be there EVERY AFTERNOON WITH MY LITTLE GIRL. I desire to help other business owners to have more TIME FREEDOM for self-care, doing things they enjoy and spending time with their family." - Chanelle

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My INFORMATIVE & BEAUTIFUL training program REVEALS EVERYTHING you'll need to know to GROW YOUR BUSINESS ON INSTAGRAM. Stay ahead of the game with these informative training videos and printable cheat sheets to help you REACH YOUR GOALS.


  • Video Training

    Unlike many courses out there, this is not just slides!! I’ve recorded my computer screen as well as my iPhone screen giving you easy to follow, step by step instructions.   I love to show people EXACTLY how to do things and take the guess work out completely. There’s also a bonus video with me speaking directly to the camera and sharing my insights with you.

  • PDF Action Steps

    Cheat sheet action step PDF Cheat Sheets from each lesson so you have reminders on exactly what you need to do after watching. Quick and convenient to refer to, download to your iPad or print out and keep.

  • Membership Access for Life

    Your online membership never expires and will be available as long as the course is still online. Social Media is fast changing and having a course that gets updated as Instagram evolves means you can refer back to it time and again.

My clients are getting enquiries via Instagram! See the comment here from @krisruby who ended up viewing the villa and sharing her visit across social media. Kris Ruby is in the 40 millionaires Under 40 so is in my client's target market. These villas go for $3.5 million.

More from my lovely clients:


Now You Can Learn Exactly How To Use Instagram For Your Business
& How Every Day People Are Making Money Via Instagram!


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Chanelle Segerius-Bruce,

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We cover Automation, Engagement and How to Create A Beautiful Instagram Account to Gain More Followers

Module 1 - The Basis of a Great Account

  • How people are using Instagram to create a personal brand
  • How big brands are using Instagram and what they can teach you
  • Writing a good bio and what to include to stand out
  • What sort of link to use in the bio and leveraging it
  • How to have a great looking account that attracts your ideal clients
  • Build a local and international audience
  • Personal Accounts vs Business Accounts vs Niche Accounts
  • How to create a trackable link step by step

Module 2 - All About The Images

  • Instagram photo tips from a Professional Photographer AKA me!
  • How best to photograph landscapes and seascapes (using your phone)
  • Editing your photos on your phone using my favourite apps
  • Taking great portraits of people
  • Lighting, angels, brightness, colours, shapes, lines and reflections
  • Shooting food and still life shots that work well for Instagram
  • Where to look for inspiration & ideas
  • Editing, cropping & preparing your (camera) pics using Lightroom
  • Curating your work - what to show and how to show it
  • Resources I use to find free stock photography (great for coaches / health and fitness / inspiration accounts)
  • Ideas for non-photographers - don't worry you don't have to be one!
  • Advice for professional photographers - how best to show your work

Module 3 - Time Saving & Automation

  • Getting organised and how to prepare ahead of time
  • How to schedule your posts using free software
  • Scheduling for multiple accounts and the exact resource I use (paid service)
  • Managing multiple Instagram accounts
  • Being the voice of another brand / Having your own voice
  • Posting on behalf of your company or a client
  • How to automatically post your instagram pics to Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest with an image not just a link
  • Resources I use to find free and low cost stock photography (great for business and life coaches / health and fitness / inspiration accounts)

Module 4 - What The Hashtag?

  • Getting to grips with your industry specific #hashtags
  • Being found by your ideal customer
  • How many is too many?
  • Use hashtags strategically without being spammy
  • Where to put the hashtags
  • Hashtag mistakes
  • What the heck are "Banned Hashtags" ?
  • Encourage followers to use your unique #hashtag and leveraging this
  • Feature other people's content with their consent by using a unique #hashtag

Module 5 - Gaining Targeted Followers

  • How to gain more of your ideal clients as followers
  • What are fake followers?
  • How current followers can help you gain more
  • Daily techniques to engage and attract more people
  • Automate or not to automate? The Good, Bad & Ugly
  • Niche accounts and how they gain momentum so quickly
  • Partnering with the right people and how it can increase both of your followings
  • Instagram algorithm theory and how to get shown to other people

PLUS - these amazing bonuses:

  • Facebook Ads Training with my coach, Ilean Harris! (Value: $197)
  • Instagram Ads Training - a brand new bonus module! (Value: $97)
  • How to start building your email list from your Instagram account (tracking links, which pages to send them to, email list building basics) - (Value $297)

You are protected by our 100% money back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.What if I'm not on Instagram yet?

    A.Don’t worry, I was late to the party with Instagram but I didn’t let that hold me back and I got started where I was at. You can do the same.

  • Q.What sort of phone do I need?

    A.You’ll need a smart-phone like an iPhone or Android as Instagram’s an app that you download and use primarily on your hand held mobile device. You can also use an iPad.

  • Q.What if I haven't launched my business yet?

    A.That’s ok I’m going to talk you through ideas and show you accounts of various brands and businesses. You’ll have a lot of food for thought, see how every day people are receiving free goods, being asked to do “product placements” and how travel writers / bloggers / experts are being flown around the world!

  • Q.How do I manage multiple accounts?

    A.I’ll show you the exact tools I use to manage mulitple Instagram accounts. I have 3 of my own plus I manage at least 10 client’s instagram accounts every month! I want you to save time and have a life – not be stuck to your phone for hours on end.

  • Q.I already have over 5000 followers - is this course for me?

    A.If you have a large following but are still not getting enquiries via Instagram then yes this course would be for you. Also, if you mistakenly purchased followers in the past and want to learn why that’s not a good thing and how to grow an organic following then you’d want to sign up. Remember popular does not always = profitable.

  • Q.What's a fake follower?

    A.There are companies out there that sell 5000, 10 000 or 20 000 fake followers at a time. I do not advise this route at all. Firstly, it’s just plain wrong. Secondly those accounts are created using fake emails and are not real people so they will never buy from you!

  • Q.How long will it take to get results?

    A.What you focus on expands! I used the techniques in my course to grow my client, Adam Alex’s account from 200 to 1500 followers in about 2 months. The followers where all targeted, in other words wedding planners or wedding venues – people likely to recommend and work with a high-end wedding photographer like Adam.

  • Q.What if I don't have a lot of time?

    A.I’m all about avoiding burn out and making life easier for fellow business owners. I’ll teach you how to schedule, how to save time and be super organised. My technique for gaining more followers takes around 15 mins per day only.

  • Q.Will this work for product or service based businesses?

    A.Both! Anyone with a business who’s looking to attract their ideal clients HAS to be on Instagram. If you’re in the health & wellness, travel industry, wedding, photography, graphic design, property… the list goes on and on. I believe if you have a business you need an Instagram account!

  • Q.Is this for women only?

    A.No, although I mainly work with women in terms of my one to one coaching I help men with their social media accounts and this course is for you too!

Can't wait to teach you everything I know about Instagram!


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