I pitched the new business of Blogging and Social Media Marketing Services to my network via email in January 2015 and I signed up 5 ongoing monthly clients right off the bat!

I did not have a website, sales page or blog set up for the new business at that time. I created a simple, well designed PDF (from a template) which showcased my services and I sent that out.

Utilise the skills you have.

My skill-set includes photography and styled shoots. I set up a shoot with a photographer friend who was visiting me from Europe. We did a styled "women at work" session and I used her as a fabulous hand model for me (I wish my nails where that manicured!).

We visually illustrated Social Media and Blogging in a pretty, feminine way. She took some great headshots of me to use and the result was a mini stock library of images that I could use in the PDF and subsequently on social media, on my sales page and ultimately here on my new website.

You don't have to have every piece perfectly in place before you get started. 





All photographs above taken by me.
All photographs below taken by Claire Morgan Photography.

I hope that you can see here that my desire was to take an essentially masculine (and possibly boring!) subject and make it appealing to female business owners who in my network would more than likely be in the wedding industry people or be creative photographers.



One of the blocks I have let go of is giving myself permission to get supported in my life and business! Contact me if you would like to have a 15 min skype call to discuss your blogging and social media needs.